Award Winning Real Estate Team...with an Overflow of Serious Prospects... Seeks Professional Full Time Real Estate Sales Representatives Who Want to Work Reasonable Hours, Make More Money and Have a Fulfilling Life !
"If you want a constant flow of business + a personal life.
I will personally show you how, give you the leads and appointments to do it."
- Lucie Martel
AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY: A Real Estate Sales Representative position for salespeople ready to w ork with motivated buyers and sellers. Join a team of successful real estate professionals & work with one of the top real estate teams in Ottawa. Make a rewarding income, work a reasonable "work week", NO cold calling, NO marketing, NO advertising, NO prospecting, NO desk fees, ALL buyer & seller leads as well as appointments supplied without lifting a finger.
Your days are actually spent selling homes! Exceptional opportunity to earn $50,000 - $100,000 NET INCOME your first year. This is NOT for the brand new, rank amateur agent seeking a shortcut to proficiency, nor is it for the failed agent unable to make a living. Instead, the agents who love this change and do well in this position have some successful sales are knowledgeable, have good client management, communication and organization skills, and could earn a good living in real estate if they had to, but welcome the opportunity to focus on sales functions with appointments, the freedom from endless cold prospecting, expensive advertising, intense competition and uncertain, unpredictable feast-famine roller coaster income.
If you are hard worker then we may have a great place on our team for you. Some Real Estate Sales Representatives only dream of having admin support because this is the most frustrating and demanding part for a Real Estate Sales Representative since 80% of this business is paper!

What do our Team Members Say?
"I worked on my own for over a year and discovered that it was hard to do it all by myself. That's when I made the leap and decide to join the Martels Team. I love to work with clients and concentrate on what I love to do which is selling Real Estate. There was no more cold calling or the anxiety of not knowing where my next deal would come from. I am supplied with a steady stream of appointments and finally feel like I am in control of my business. They take care of making all my appointments, all paper work, chasing the documents, feedbacks, lawyers & bank approval, all concerns clients may have. They do any necessary searches for me and get the answers right away. They take care of all the marketing as well so all I have to do is be present at appointments, sell, hand over the file and pick up the rewarding cheque without worrying about disbursing expenses. In my first year here I've done 40 deals! My only regret is that I didn't join sooner!"

-Chris Payer, Martels Real Estate Inc

If you’d like to learn more about this unique opportunity, simply call 613-742-5057 or simply fill in your information and we will call you within 24 hours. Your information will be kept confidential.
Thanks for your time.
Lucie Martel
Sales Representative/Owner
Martels Real Estate Inc