Your Home Sold
Or*, We'll Buy it**

Have you found the home of your dreams?

Do you want to secure a home before you sell?

Are you worried of GETTING STUCK with your current home?

Here how to avoid this:

The Martels’ know how to avoid this dilemma and make this a win-win situation. Here’s how we help:

1. We give you an upfront guaranteed offer in writing that we will sell your present home, for an agreed upon price**, before you take possession of your next one.

2. If another offer comes in for your home at a higher price than what we agreed upon, you get to take the higher offer! This ensures that you get top dollar for your home and ultimately more money in your pocket.

How does our guarantee help you? It means that when you see a home you want, you can react immediately without the worry of your home not being sold!

To obtain the free report “How to Avoid Getting Stuck with Two Homes” and you’re your move easy and stress free, please complete the form on the side bar and click the submit button to receive it!

*These guarantees apply for any advertisement :

Buy any home in Ottawa and if you are not completely satisfied, we’ll buy it back!**
If You are NOT Satisfied With The Home You Buy in Ottawa, For ANY REASON, "WE'LL BUY IT BACK!"**,
Your Home Sold for 100%
of YOUR PRICE Guaranteed Or We’ll BUY IT!**,
Your Home Sold in less than 120 Days Guaranteed! Or, We’ll Sell It For Free!**,


-You and Martels Real Estate Inc. must agree on price. (Current market value based on recent sales of similar homes in the neighbourhood.)

-You and Martels Real Estate Inc. must agree on a closing date at the time of listing. (The closing date is a minimum of 120 days from the accepted contract)

The following properties DO NOT qualify for this program:

NOTE : (Although your property may not qualify for this particular program, keep in mind that a potential Buyer’s home might. 80%+ of Buyers looking for a home, need to sell their home before they can buy. This could result in the Buyer being able to purchase your home immediately because we were able to guarantee his home):

- Mobile homes;

- Properties valued at $425,000+;
- Properties on rental land;
- Most properties approx. more than 25 km away from downtown Ottawa on municipal water and sewage; 
Note: Some properties may qualify for the program at     
  brokerage discretion;
- Most condominium and Out of Ottawa properties (on well &/or septic). Note: Some properties may qualify for the program at brokerage discretion.

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