Who is Martels Real Estate Inc.?

When preparing the perfect recipe, an executive chef carefully and painstakingly chooses each ingredient. The same technique applies to building a successful realty team: choosing the right “ingredients” ensures exceptional results. Honesty, sincerity, market knowledge, confidence, dedication, organization, enthusiasm, motivation, innovation, good listening skills, strong negotiating ability, and an entrepreneurial flair are just some of the important “ingredients” required for a team to thrive in the real estate industry. And this team is “cooking up a storm”! The Martels have a unique blend of all of these qualities and, combined with their experience, they consistently achieve superior results in exactly the flavour their clients appreciate.

Members of Ottawa’s real estate community since 1986. The Martels, comprised of Jacques and Lucie Martel, rank among the top percentage across North America. As a result of their success, the Martels quickly realized that a one-person operation was impossible, because their goal was to exceed the service level clients expect. In order to achieve the results they demand for their clients, the Martels believe strongly in the team approach.

A well organized, harmonious group is essential to achieve the optimum results that clients deserve. These three professional licensed realtors have worked together to develop a system that includes more efficient methods and improved marketing strategies. Using their system, they are competently able to assist clients in the search of their dream home, negotiate the best possible price, provide better communication and availability, and keep abreast of the real estate market. Tasks handled by their highly dedicated staff include data entry, MLS entries, ad development, website updates, drafting offers and amendments, installing lock boxes, taking photographs, preparing and delivering feature sheets, obtaining Real Estate Sales Representative feedback and providing it to sellers, answering e-mail inquiries, dealing with home inspections, following up with lawyers and bankers … these work items are assigned to support specialists on the team. The efficient functioning of the office is key to productivity.

The result of their collaboration is the development of an effective selling system that provides extraordinary service, which is invaluable to their customers. Clients are thrilled with the results. Mr. Sutton writes, “Very impressed with the level of service. You were very responsive in quickly getting the house listed and sold, and worked very effectively at representing my interest.”

The Martels believe the role of a real estate salesperson is “guiding clients through the process of buying and selling, while helping them to make decisions that are in their best interests, not in our best interests.” Lucie says, “We operate with the sincerest desire to assist our clients in the most positive way. Everything we say and do is with the client’s needs in mind. Our growth in the real estate business year after year is through repeat business and referrals.” Clients rave about their positive experience with this team. The Cloutiers write, “We thank you for your dedication, professionalism, and enthusiasm in the sale of our home. We appreciated the regular communications between you and your office staff. Your efforts in promoting our house to the public were a major key to success.”

“We take pride in these testimonials,” says Lucie. “We want to make sure we give unparalleled professional service, and the best possible advice. We want to give a truly outstanding and essentially irreplaceable service.” “We are committed to providing our clients with confident, comfortable, and informed real estate decisions,” Jacques says. “It is our mission to ensure that our clients have the very best opportunities, whether they are buying or selling. We believe in a no-pressure customer service approach, which makes the experience stress-free for clients. Our service continues well beyond the exchange of keys.” 1192

With a history of high performance, the Martels opened up their first Real Estate Company, Martels Real Estate, Inc, centrally located to serve Ottawa and surrounding areas. The Martels are always looking ahead and striving to constantly improve both themselves and their team, the Martels developed an alliance with a group of likeminded professionals from all over Canada and the United States. The Mastermind Group meets three times a year, hold conference calls once a month, share their successful experiences and results and hires the best of the best in marketing to study the market place, expand in technology to attract continuously quality results. “We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to become associated with these people. We’ve learned so much from them, in a real sense they’ve all been mentors to us, “ Lucie says. Our mentors focus on bringing persistently innovative approach and new ideas to today’s demanding industry. The group philosophy and beliefs are namely that the team approach is imperative to optimal customer service.

Each staff member has been carefully chosen based on their impeccable credentials, and is trained to provide the same level of service that the Martels themselves have perfected over the years. Each member of this exciting team specializes in what they do best. Clients have the most knowledgeable person working on each aspect of their real estate transaction; each client receives personalized and committed service.

As a bilingual team that is able to work in both English and French, the Martels have created a real estate business that is second to none. They have developed the most innovative marketing strategies in the industry. They only advertise on prime spots, including the interior premium page of the two best known color magazines in town, the back page of a popular newsletter, their own newsletter, their direct-mail campaigns, as well as their several websites including their state-of-the-art website, www.martels.ca, contains a wealth of information for both buyers and sellers, including reports that cover the tips and pitfalls in real estate, and letters of appreciation from their clients.

The Martels have been helping RCMP, Military, Corporate relocate across Canada & U.S. since 1986. Having moved many times themselves, they understand the pressure and stress transferees experience: coming to a strange city, and having to make a housing decision in a short period of time. They have broadened their knowledge and expertise in this field by taking courses and have helped thousands of families relocating from all over the world. “Relocation requires a lot of knowledge, experience and dedication,” says Lucie. “We need to make it as efficient as possible for them, and we’ve been doing that for many years. We also conduct first-time home buyer seminars, often one-on-one, to help new buyers learn, to provide helpful information about the marketplace, and to guide them through the process of buying their first home.”

With such extraordinary service, it is no wonder that the Martels are consistently in the top one percent of producers in the market. They are successful due to their dedication: to the business, to their team, and to continuously providing top quality service to their customers. In addition, they regularly attend seminars and conferences to keep their skills sharp, and to remain on the leading edge of the industry. “We believe in developing new methods and creative programs. Our goal is to introduce fresh strategies in order to promote interest, drive new leads, and expand opportunities for our clients,” explains Lucie.

“Most importantly, we want to build long-term relationships with our clients, and we will continually strive to improve our services to satisfy that demand,” reveals Jacques. “We request feedback surveys, and we listen to what our clients have to say. This helps us to monitor satisfaction and also allows us to incorporate suggestions to improve.”

Are you ready to get your home sold today? Are you ready to find the home of your dreams, whether brand new or resale? Call the Martels first and find out more about their unique system, their successful programs, and their remarkable service. Let the Martels provide all the ingredients to cook up a deal for you!