The real cost of selling: Understanding home staging expenses

By Anonymous

Friday, April 5, 2024

The real cost of selling: Understanding home staging expenses
Home staging, while recognized as a powerful tool in selling a property, sometimes causes people to raise their eyebrows over the apparent expense.
Let’s demystify the process by breaking down why staging costs what it does, so we can better understand why it’s good value for money.

Here’s why staging is good value for money
1. A professional touch comes at a corresponding price

Home stagers are not just decorators; they’re marketing experts. Their keen understanding of design psychology, current market trends and buyer behaviour ensures your client’s property stands out. Like other professional services, their expertise and time command a professional fee.

2. Quality furniture and decor aren’t cheap

Staging involves selecting or renting furniture and decor that not only fits the space but also appeals to potential buyers. Quality pieces come at a price but also ensure the property looks its best.

3. Offers tailored solutions for your property

Every property is unique, requiring a customized approach. Professional stagers consider the property’s size, layout, target market and local market trends. This personalized attention ensures the staging is optimized for your client’s specific needs.

4. Helps to speed up the sale

Staging often leads to quicker sales and in real estate, time is money. A faster sale can offset the initial staging costs and get you a better return on the property.

5. Uses marketing strategies

Home staging is not just about furniture; it’s about creating an aspirational lifestyle for potential buyers. Stagers employ marketing strategies, using design to evoke emotions and highlight the property’s strengths.

6. Professionalism adds value

A professionally staged home sends a strong signal to potential buyers. It shows that you’ve invested in presenting your property in the best possible light, instilling confidence and potentially justifying a higher asking price.

Case in point

In a recent project, we transformed an older home with minimal updates into a stunning, market-ready residence. Following our advice, the client revamped the space by removing outdated furniture, applying a fresh coat of paint and updating light fixtures.
We strategically introduced staging furniture that emphasized the room’s spaciousness and carefully placed accent pieces to elevate the overall aesthetic. The outcome exceeded expectations. Despite the home’s dated features, it left an incredibly positive first impression, resulting in a sale within just one day.
The impressive part? The home not only sold swiftly but also commanded a price above its asking and estimated value. This success story underscores the transformative power of effective staging, showcasing the potential for outstanding results when approached with expert knowledge and a focus on staging as a powerful marketing tool.
In essence, while staging might seem like an additional expense, it’s an investment that can significantly impact your sale. By understanding the intricate details and value that home staging brings, you’ll see that the costs are often justified and can lead to a more lucrative and timely sale. Remember, it’s not just about selling a property; it’s about selling a dream and a lifestyle.

How listings do without home staging

Not investing in staging can cost homeowners heavily. When a home is not professionally staged, it often languishes on the market, resulting in price reductions and carrying costs. Additionally, unstaged homes might receive lower offers as buyers perceive them as less desirable.
The emotional toll on sellers dealing with prolonged market time and uncertainty can’t be overlooked. Plus, the opportunity cost of not maximizing a property’s potential and losing out on potential buyers who could be swayed by a well-staged presentation is significant. Essentially, refusing to invest in staging can cause financial losses, prolonged stress and missed opportunities in the real estate market.
Over the years, homebuyer purchasing behaviour has evolved and staging has become increasingly crucial.
The shift towards online property searches, the importance of creating strong first impressions, the power of emotional connections, the need for a competitive edge, the emphasis on space and the benefits of neutralizing personal styles all contribute to the changing landscape of homebuyer behaviour, making home staging an essential component in the selling process.


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